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The Harvard Family Research Project separated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become the Global Family Research Project as of January 1, 2017. It is no longer affiliated with Harvard University.

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Date Title
December 20, 2005 HFRP's Complementary Learning Approach to the Achievement Gap
December 5, 2005 December FINE Newsletter: Family Involvement Storybook Corner
December 3, 2005 Supporting Children's Development in and out of the Classroom Presentation
December 2, 2005 Engaging Adolescents in Out-of-School Time Programs Presentation
November 21, 2005 Open Letter to Los Angeles Times About Its Article on Parent Involvement
November 12, 2005 New Issue of The Evaluation Exchange on Democratic Evaluation
November 6, 2005 Measurement Tools for Out-of-School Time Program Evaluation Now Available
November 3, 2005 November FINE Newsletter: Resources on Adolescent Learning
October 5, 2005 October FINE Newsletter: New Family Involvement Teaching Case
October 1, 2005 Updates to Out-of-School Time Program Bibliography and Database Complete
September 18, 2005 New Issue of The Evaluation Exchange on Evaluation Methodology
September 4, 2005 Sept. FINE Newsletter: Family Involvement Online Resource Guide
September 2, 2005 Initial Findings From Study of Predictors of Participation in Out-of-School Time
July 14, 2005 New Issue of The Evaluation Exchange on Complementary Learning
June 24, 2005 HFRP Collaborates on Publication to Improve After School Programs
June 3, 2005 June FINE Newsletter: New Research, Syllabus, and Conference Materials
May 23, 2005 HFRP Edits the Spring Issue of New Directions for Youth Development
May 21, 2005 Out-of-School Time Article Published in The Prevention Researcher
May 16, 2005 Article on Participation in Out-of-School Time Programs for School Admins
May 5, 2005 May FINE Newsletter: New Research, Workshop, and Course Syllabus
April 7, 2005 April FINE Newsletter: New Conference Section and Research Digests
April 1, 2005 Family–School–Community Partnerships Teaching Case Book Available
March 24, 2005 Evaluations of Health and Sports/Recreation Out-of-School Time Programs
March 1, 2005 March FINE Newsletter: Research Report, Research Digest and More
February 27, 2005 New Workshop on Evaluating After School Programs
February 17, 2005 Updates to Out-of-School Time Program Bibliography and Database Complete
February 3, 2005 February FINE Newsletter: Family Involvement Bibliography
January 28, 2005 New Evaluation Exchange Issue on Evaluating Family Involvement Programs
January 6, 2005 January FINE Newsletter: Family Involvement Research and Syllabus

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