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The Harvard Family Research Project separated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become the Global Family Research Project as of January 1, 2017. It is no longer affiliated with Harvard University.

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Date Title
May 24, 2016 FINE Newsletter: Formula for Success: Engaging Families in Early Math Learning
January 5, 2016 Libraries for the 21st Century: It’s A Family Thing
September 28, 2016 An App For and With Parents
March 3, 2016 Everyone for Education, and Education for Everyone: Promoting Family Engagement in Brazil
June 9, 2016 Family Engagement in the Information Age
August 9, 2016 FINE Newsletter: Family Engagement in Children’s Learning Through Libraries
March 8, 2016 FINE Newsletter: Professional Development Tools to Make Continuous Family Engagement Come Alive!
February 8, 2016 Five Lessons Learned About District Leadership for Family Engagement
February 9, 2016 Harvard Family Research Project and Public Library Association to Strengthen Family Engagement
August 30, 2016 How the National Science Foundation Supports Family-Oriented STEM Learning
April 26, 2016 Innovative Stories of Family Engagement From Around the World!
March 7, 2016 Join Us! Webinar on Technology for Family Engagement in Early Learning Settings
October 18, 2016 Learning Everywhere: Family Engagement in Libraries
November 14, 2016 Learning Pathways: Leading Our Children to Success in School and Life
August 24, 2016 New Book! Family Engagement in the Digital Age: Early Childhood Educators as Media Mentors
August 9, 2016 New Report on Family Engagement in Public Libraries From Harvard Family Research Project and the Public Library Association
July 19, 2016 New Resources to Support Your Transition Planning
February 17, 2016 New Stories of Innovation in Family Engagement
November 29, 2016 New ways to think about your work with families
September 8, 2016 Pinkerton Foundation’s Neighborhood Literacy Initiative: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
January 7, 2016 Quilting Stories of Innovation in Family Engagement
January 18, 2016 Resources Promoting Educational Equity Through Family Engagement
April 1, 2016 Supporting Children’s Learning Through Play
June 22, 2016 Taking Steps to Build a Family Engagement System
April 12, 2016 Text, Play, and Tech: Partnerships Promoting Early Learning Opportunities
July 12, 2016 The Road Less Traveled: Engaging Families in Early Math
May 4, 2016 The World's Largest Open House About the Future of Learning
July 26, 2016 Three Lessons in Developing a Systemic Approach to Family Engagement
June 28, 2016 Web Conference: Beyond the Library as Classroom: Two-Generation and Family Learning
April 26, 2016 White House Early Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Symposium
February 16, 2016 Why We Need a Human Centered Approach to Family Engagement

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