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Information on Communities in School Training and the Preparing Effective Community Leaders Conference.

Communities in Schools

The mission of Communities in Schools (CIS), formerly Cities in Schools, is to promote the connection between vital community resources and schools in order to help young people successfully learn, stay in school, and prepare for life. Local CIS programs do this by relocating community service providers into schools to work as personalized teams serving alongside teachers, principals, volunteers, and mentors. CIS provides training and technical assistance services to help states and communities to create and maintain local CIS programs and projects. CIS training focuses on a variety of topics including how to build a CIS partnership; managing a CIS project site; and strategic planning. Follow-up technical assistance is provided by teams of specialists in specific areas of CIS operations.

For further information contact Bonnie Nance Frazier, Director of Communications, Communities in Schools, 1199 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314-1436. Tel: 703-519-8999; Fax: 703-519-7213. Information can also be found on CIS's website:


Preparing Effective Community Leaders Conference

Preparing Effective Community Leaders, Professionals, and Workers: The Third National Conference on Community Collaboration and Interprofessional Education, will be held November 5–7, 1997, in Kansas City, Missouri. Jointly sponsored by the National Interprofessional Educational and Training Network and the Together We Can Initiative, the conference will have a special focus on the work of the Local Investment Commission in Kansas City.

People who are interested in improving results for children, families, and communities through the creation of a newly skilled workforce are encouraged to attend.

For more information contact the Human Services Policy Center at the University of Washington at 206-685-7610 or by email:

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