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The Harvard Family Research Project separated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become the Global Family Research Project as of January 1, 2017. It is no longer affiliated with Harvard University.

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21st Century Community Learning Centers Summer Institute

This workshop, Redefining After School Programs to Support Student Achievement, provides an overview of current evaluation research, describes elements of effective after school programs, and discusses a theory of change approach to designing and implementing effective after school programs.

Priscilla M. D. Little (July 27, 2004) Conferences and Presentations

Free. Available online only.

ARIS Parent Link: Five Lessons in Linking Families to Student Data Systems

In this Voices from the Field article, Shael Polakow-Suransky, the New York City Department of Education's Deputy Chancellor in the Division of Performance & Accountability, discusses five lessons gleaned from the ARIS Parent Link data system, one of the many tools NYC schools employ to help educators and families evaluate student learning and support student achievement. 

Shael Polakow-Suransky (October 2010) Research Report

360 Degrees of Literacy: A Look at a Community Partnership in Dallas

Dennie Palmer Wolf and Jennifer Bransom offer lessons from the evaluation of a Dallas-based effort to promote

Dennie Palmer Wolf , Jennifer Bransom (Spring 2005) Evaluation Exchange Article

50 Years of Family Engagement in Head Start

With Head Start’s 50th anniversary right around the corner, Kiersten Beigel from the Office of Head Start shares the vision for family engagement and ways that different federal agencies can join together to realize it.

Kiersten Beigel (December 11, 2014) Research Report

A Call for Ideas

An introduction to The Evaluation Exchange by HFRP's Founder & Director, Heather B. Weiss, Ed.D.

Heather Weiss, Ed.D. (Winter 1995) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Catalog of Family Process Measures

Margaret Caspe from HFRP describes the various measures family intervention and prevention programs use to evaluate family processes.

Margaret Caspe (Winter 2004/2005) Evaluation Exchange Article

A City-Wide Effort to Support and Involve Families

Brenda Miller and Ginger Peacock Preston from the Jacksonville Children’s Commission describe how the city of Jacksonville, Florida, is integrating family involvement into a system of care for children and families.

Brenda Miller , Ginger Peacock Preston (Spring 2008) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Click Away: A Q&A With Chip Donohue About the Benefits of Online Distance Learning for In-Service Teachers

In this Q&A, Chip Donohue talks with HFRP about early childhood educators’ participation in online distance education courses and discusses how the topic of family engagement is being integrated into these classes.

Harvard Family Research Project (December 5, 2013) Research Report

A Collaborative Approach to Parent Outreach

Amy Aparicio Clark and Amanda Dorris describe how the PALMS Project supports educators’ efforts to engage Latino parents in college preparation and enrollment.

Amy Aparicio Clark, M.Ed. , Amanda Dorris, M.Ed. (Spring 2008) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Art Rolnick

Economist Art Rolnick discusses his approach to early childhood investment, which he describes as “economic investment in human capital.”

Lisa G. Klein (Summer 2004) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Audrey Hutchinson

Audrey Hutchinson of National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education, and Families discusses the evaluation of linked after school services by cities.

Audrey Hutchinson (Fall 2006) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Ethel Klein

Ethel Klein, a longtime campaign strategist and pollster, is president of EDK Associates, a strategic research firm based in New York City. Dr. Klein has designed campaigns for nonprofit organizations and foundations on many varied issues.

Harvard Family Research Project (Winter 2002) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Gary Henry

Gary Henry makes the case for a paradigm shift in how we think about evaluation use and influence.

Julia Coffman (Summer 2005) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Howard Bloom & Stephen Raudenbush

Howard Bloom and Stephen Raudenbush talk about using randomized trials to assess youth programming.

Priscilla M. D. Little (Spring 2004) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Jane Quinn

Assistant Executive Director for Community Schools Partnerships at the Children’s Aid Society in New York, Jane Quinn spoke with us about how the after school field has evolved and what she thinks the future holds.

Harvard Family Research Project (Spring 2001) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn reflects on the breakthrough findings and new directions for research, evaluation, and practice in family-focused interventions.

Holly Kreider (Winter 2004/2005) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Jennifer Greene

Jennifer Greene of the University of Ilinois talks about her efforts to advance the theory and practice of alternative forms of evaluation, including qualitative, participatory, and mixed-method evaluation.

M. Elena Lopez (Fall 2005) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Jonny Morell

Jonny Morell of the Altarum Institute discusses, among other things, the relationship between innovation and efficiency in technology application.

Julia Coffman (Fall 2004) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Kay Monaco

Kay Monaco, former executive director of New Mexico Voices for Children, discusses the role that evaluation plays in her organization's efforts to change public policy.

Kay Monaco (Spring 2007) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation with Michael Quinn Patton

Director of an organizational development consulting practice, professor, and author, Michael Quinn Patton reveals historical and emerging trends in evaluation practice.

Julia Coffman (Spring 2002) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Michelle Gambone

Dr. Michelle Gambone, president of a youth policy and research consulting firm, spoke with HFRP about her new research on the relationship between supports and opportunities and long-term developmental outcomes for youth.

Priscilla Little (Spring 2003) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation with Mike Smith

Marshall “Mike” Smith, senior counselor to the Secretary and director of international affairs at the U.S. Department of Education, discusses why the idea of scale entered the education policy conversation, the challenges involved in taking an intervention to scale in new settings, and what evaluation strategies should accompany the process of going to scale.

Heather Weiss, Ed.D. , Helen Janc Malone (Spring 2010) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Paul Light

Paul Light is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., an instructor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and author of 14 books, including most recently Pathways to Nonprofit Excellence. Previously he was Director of the Public Policy Program at the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Julia Coffman , M. Elena Lopez (Fall 2002) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation with Prudence Brown

Prudence Brown from the Program on Philanthropy and Community Change at the Chapin Hall Center for Children, University of Chicago, talks to HFRP about new approaches to community initiatives and the role of philanthropy in community change.

Marielle Bohan-Baker (Fall 2003) Evaluation Exchange Article

A Conversation With Ricardo Millett

Ricardo Millett from the Woods Fund of Chicago discusses how evaluators can build capacity by addressing issues of diversity and multiculturalism.

Julia Coffman (Winter 2003/2004) Evaluation Exchange Article

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