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"After School Programs in the 21st Century: Their Potential and What it Takes to Achieve It," explores the evolving role of after school in the 21st Century. 

This latest volume in  our Issues and Opportunities in Out-of-School Time Evaluation series draws on seminal research and evaluation studies to address two primary questions:

  1. Does participation in after school programs make a difference, and, if so
  2. What conditions appear to be necessary to achieve positive results?

The brief concludes with a set of questions to spur conversation about the evolving role of after school in efforts to expand time and opportunities for children and youth in the 21st century.

In addition to the full research brief, Harvard Family Research Project offers two valuable online-only resources:

Executive Summary
These two fully designed pages sum up the content of the complete research review in easily digestible form.

Research Companion
This comprehensive document provides in-depth information about the many studies and evaluations cited in the full report.

You can download a copy of the research brief and access the supplementary resources at the link below:

Click here to read "After School Programs in the 21st Century"


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