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All About Me
My name is Maya Warren.
I am 5 years old.
I live with mommy, daddy, and sister.
My favorite color is green. 
My favorite book is
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
What I like best about me is that I am a good dancer.

Something that makes me sad is when I don't share with my sister.

It is a balmy September morning during the third week of school in a large city, and Maya is standing outside of her apartment door crying. She tells her mother she doesn’t want to go to kindergarten and refuses to put on her backpack. This has been going on since school began. Maya’s mother, Nicole, crouches down to Maya’s eye level and desperately pleads with her daughter that they need to leave if they are going to be on time.

Nicole doesn’t understand why the transition to kindergarten has been so hard for Maya. Maya had been in a Head Start program for two years before transitioning to kindergarten. Other than some slight language delays and a little trouble following directions, Maya was a good preschool student. She did not qualify for special needs services after a formal evaluation was conducted at the beginning of her 4-year-old preschool year. Maya knows many letters of the alphabet, can write her name, and has a lot of friends. Nicole thinks that Maya is particularly good at drawing, and she is excited for Maya to begin to learn to read. Nicole is filled with anxiety wondering what has happened to her fun-loving daughter.

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