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Introduction: Bibliographies Compiled by FINE

To compile these bibliographies we searched the electronic databases ERIC, Education Abstracts, PsychINFO, SocioFILE, Current Contents, and Dissertation Abstracts using combinations of the keywords “parent,” “family,” “home,” “teacher,” and “school.” We further revised our searches using specific terms such as “family school relationships,” “parent teacher cooperation,” “teacher training,” and “family involvement.” We read abstracts from this initial list of publications, selecting empirical studies relating to family involvement that were conducted primarily within the United States.

Please note that this compilation is not reviewed, nor does it represent the universe of recent family involvement research. We therefore invite member suggestions for additions to our listing. To make suggestions, please contact FINE at


Journal Articles

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Finding Dissertations and Theses
Dissertations published by Dissertation Abstracts International are available from ProQuest Digital Dissertations through your library or institution. If your library does not subscribe to ProQuest or if you are looking for a dissertation or thesis that is not published, your library may be able to borrow the item through an interlibrary loan. Another option is to check the website where some U.S. and international universities make their dissertations and theses available electronically.

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Books and Reports

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